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Wet Salted Cattle, Cow, Bovine, Buffalo Hides & Skins | If you are looking for Wet Salted Hides then you are landed on the right page. We deal with Wet Salted Cattle Hides, Wet Salted Cow Hides, Wet Salted Bovine Hides, Wet Salted Buffalo Hides, etc…

Wet salted hides and skins are a raw product, it’s also called raw hides, pickled pelts, salted skins. Wet salted hides are widely for purposes like edible foods, tanning, etc. For Salted Hides & Skins, We have good sources from South America, Europe, etc. We mostly arrange imports from Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay & South American Countries. Kosovo(EU), African countries, Saudi, Yemen, Iran, etc.,

We are in the leather field for 30+ years from our own exports company to now work as a freelance buying agent. We are trusted by our tens of regular clients who purchase Hides & Skins from us on regular basis. We supply leathers from LWG certified (Silver & Gold) group of tanneries to main EU/US shoe brand partner units in China Vietnam Indonesia Italy Spain etc.,

Apart from Wet Salted Hides, we also arrange imports of raw to finished, all types of leathers including Wet salted, Salted dried, Air-dried no salt, Wet blue, Crust natural – dyed, vegetable or wet white tanning, wet blue splits, and any type of finished leathers for shoes, goods, garments, upholstery, etc.,

We are adding a few images of Wet Salted Hides below, If you are interested and need more images or details about the product then feel free to mail us at info@www.athiyaexports.com and athiyaexports@hotmail.com

Wet Salted bovine hides


Wet Salted cattle hides


Wet Salted cow hides


Wet Salted buffalo hides


Wet Salted hides


Wet Salted hides


Wet Salted calf hides

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Wet Salted hides skins

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