All Type Of Hides & Skins

Wet salted, dry salted cow, cattle, bovine, buffalo Hides & Skins

All types of Hides & Sins | If you are looking for Wet salted, Dry Salted/Salted dried, Air-dried no salt, Wet blue, Crust natural – dyed, vegetable or wet white tanning, wet blue splits, finished and any type of leathers for various purposes like edible foods, tannery, shoes, goods, garments, upholstery, etc… then you’re exactly at the right place.

We deal in Cattle, Cow, Bovine, Buffalo, Goat, Sheep, Horse, Camel, and Ostrich Hides & Skins. We are regularly arranging imports of Wet Salted Bovine Hides, Dry Salted Bovine Hides, etc… from South American and European countries at very competitive prices in the market.

We are in the leather field for 30+ years from our own exports company to now work as a freelance buying agent. We supply leathers from LWG certified (Silver & Gold) group of tanneries to main EU/US shoe brand partner units in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, etc., We also do new developments as per our clients’ choice samples.

With our strong partnership with some big slaughterhouses and traders from South America & Europe, we arrange imports of all types of quality Hides & Skins. If you have any doubts or need more details about the hides then feel free to contact us through our business email Below, We have listed some of the products we deal with so, please have a look…

  • Wet Salted Bovine Hides
  • Dry Salted Bovine Hides
  • Bull & Cow Head Skins
  • Air-dried no salt Hides
  • Merino Sheep/Lamb Skins
  • Wet Salted Buffalo Hides
  • Camel Crust
  • Wet Salted Belly
  • Goat Wet Blue
  • Salted Full Head Skins
  • Pickled Lambskins
  • Dry Salted Cow Hides
  • Frozen Calf Skins
  • Salted Calf Skins
  • Salted Head Scalp Skins
  • Buffalo Wet Blue
  • Goat & sheep Wet Blue
  • Cow Wet Blue
  • Cow-Calf Veg. Crust
  • And Much More…

All Type of Hides & Skins

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Wet Salted Bovine Hides

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Merino Sheep/Lamb Skins

Wet Salted cow hides

Wet Salted Buffalo Hides

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Camel Crust

Wet Salted Belly

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Salted Cow Hides

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Salted Head Skins

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Pickled lambskins

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Frozen Calf Skins

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Air-dried Cow Hides

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Salted Calf Skins

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Bull Head Skins